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I am facing a problem with the function below. I am trying to get data from one location and then search for a specified string. After that I am printing the resulting value. For the first time it's working fine. If I call the function using a for loop however I am unable to print the buffer value.

void parse_data(char *fname,int flag)
    char str[30]="<Response>";
    char buffer[1024],temp[1024],temp1[1024];
    int nVal=0;
    FILE *fp;
    int s_pos; //string position in the text
    int c_pos; //char position in the text
    char *string;
    char ccnt; //char count
    long lSize;
    long pos=0;
    int c;
    s_pos = -1;
    c_pos = 0;
    //fseek(fp, 1, SEEK_SET);
    string = malloc(strlen(str)+1);
        printf("Unable to open the file \n");

    while (!feof(fp))
        if (c_pos == 0)
            for (ccnt = 1; ccnt <= strlen(str); ccnt++)
                if (!feof(fp))
                    string[ccnt - 1] = getc(fp);
                        buffer[pos++] =   string[ccnt -1];
                }   //if

        if (c_pos != 0)
            if (!feof(fp))
                for (ccnt = 0; ccnt <= strlen(str) - 2; ccnt++)
                    string[ccnt] = string[ccnt + 1];
                string[strlen(str) - 1] = getc(fp);
                    buffer[pos++] =   string[strlen(str) - 1];
        if (strcmp(string, str) == 0)


            s_pos = c_pos;

    //printf("\n The String position is %d=\n",s_pos);
    else if(flag==1)
        printf("The Buffer Value is %s \n",buffer);

int main()
    int i=0;
    char fname[30]="/tmp/gcc_trans.html";
    return 0;
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What are you trying to do? Why do the same function 3 times with the same parameters? It opens and closes the same file every time, so we'd expect the same result 3 times, assuming the file does not change.... –  Henno Brandsma Nov 2 '11 at 9:16
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I tried to understand your code and failed. Some comments:

1.Use meaningful variable names. Try pattern instead of str. Use a better name for ccnt, nVal

  1. Instead of the complex loops, try this approach:

    • Read character by character until you find a &
    • Read N bytes and check whether the they are lt;Response&gt; where N is the length of the string. If they are, break the loop. If they are not, seek backwards N bytes.

    • Save the current offset on the file

    • Repeat the code above with &lt;/Response&gt;. Move this code into a helper function.

    • N = current offset - first offset

    • Allocate buffer with N bytes
    • seek to first offset
    • read N bytes into buffer
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