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I'm trying to make a query and cannot.

I have a table of messages.

I have to return the amount of new messages the user has sent in the last 24 hours.

New message is when the user has sent message to second user but the second has never send a message back to the first, that is one-way communication.

For example, if a user number 15 sent a message to the user number 18, and user 18 did not send him a message back.

So that means user 15 sent a new message.

If user 15 sent another message to 18 and still didn't receive message back, so user 15 already sent two new messages, but when user 18 sent message back to 15, the two messages that 15 sent are not new any more, becouse there is two-way communication between 15 and 18, and every message that 15 will send from now will not be a new message.

table name: mailbox_tbl
fields: msgID, fromID, msgBody, toID, sendingDate

I already have two sql command but I need to join them to one command

-- found all message that user send in last 24 hours
SELECT count(*)
from mailbox_table
WHERE SendingDate >= (NOW() - INTERVAL 1 DAY)
and FromId = ?

-- check if the user get a message from the receiver(the user that he want to send hom the message)
SELECT Message
FROM mailbox_table
where FromId = @receiverID
and ToId = ?
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