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I've got an array of data which is as follows :

'valid' => string 'true' (length=4)

'test_status' => string 'true' (length=4)

'trans_id' => string 'TRAN000102' (length=10)

'mpi_status_code' => string '200' (length=3)

'mpi_message' => string 'Payer Verification Required' (length=27)

'acs_url' => string 'https%3A%2F%2Fwww.secpay.com%2Fjava-bin%2FACSSimulator%3Fpartner%3Dsecpay%26VAA%3DB' (length=83)

'MD' => string '1158465348' (length=10)

'PaReq' => string 'eJxVUmFvgjAQ/b5fQfwBtBQwao4apybzA+o2s++kXJQNChaY7N/vqjBdE5J7d/d6716BeVfkzjeaOit1NPJcPprLJzicDOLqHVVrUEKMdZ0c0clS6vDCSTAO/WAykrBfvOFZQk+XxHYFsAESz6hTohsJiTo/b7YyEFMuAmA9hALNZiVDPvYDEXr8doDd0qCTAmWusNQ594BdIaiy1Y35kRMxBjYAaE0uT01TzRi7XC7ujZRpdFXptl/AbB3YXc++tVFN93VZKuPD2tutXsX2EPPdcnHc3L8ImO2ANGlQCu7R4cLh05kXznxScM1DUlghkmqkvgdQ2RmLx8pjBshag1oNmwwIsKtKjdRBTv7FkGKt5JKGmUwfnfW5zaqCCiTAFoDdF1q+WLtVQw5+fK4F7dbFr1FkTb8m7YCMPPN8a2oPgFka69+T9Q9O0b8f4ReyL7Xp' (length=452)

I'm using PHP Explode to seperate the arguements using the following code :

foreach ( $args as $arg) {
        list($key, $value) = explode("=", $arg);
        $result_arr[$key] = $value;

Now my question is that sometimes when I send that PaReq code it comes back invalid. The people at the payment side have said that I am missing == from the end of the string.

When using explode("=") is that would could be causing the == to dissapear from the end of the string?

If so what would be the better way to seperate and read the array. Or does it not make a difference anyway?

Thanks in advance guys.

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What are you exploding exactly? If this is a var_dump of an array, please include it properly –  Felix Kling Nov 2 '11 at 9:29
I assume that there was originally an == on the end of PaReq? I don't see one there now... –  Polynomial Nov 2 '11 at 9:29
Yeah according to the guys at paypoint when I get this error, its because I am missing the == from the end of the string, My example array does not contain this either. –  StuBlackett Nov 2 '11 at 9:31
Base64 doesn't require the == in every situation, it's simply used as padding when the data size doesn't fit a certain block size. However, I get data that doesn't look "normal" when I try to decode your base64: x�URao�0..., and adding the == makes no difference. –  Polynomial Nov 2 '11 at 9:34
@StuBlackett - No. I'm suggesting that your encoding format (separating with =) is not applicable for data that contains an = character. You should change it to a more robust format, e.g. JSON. If you've encoded a bunch of non-ASCII binary data, then there's nothing wrong with the base64 itself. Check that the data is correct using the tool I posted. –  Polynomial Nov 2 '11 at 10:20

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You're exploding using a delimiter that is repeated in your data.

Here's what's happening:

a=svyndf124iasvfABas== -> array('a', 'svyndf124iasvfABas', '', '')

You could hack this by replacing '=' in your data with '!' or another placeholder, but the real trick would be to simply encode the list better. I'd suggest JSON.

However, it seems (as per your comments) that you have deeper problems than just your data encoding.

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Its just that one, without the == which from what you guys are saying just adds to the string, if its too short –  StuBlackett Nov 2 '11 at 9:48

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