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We currently have an application written in Oracle. Most of our customers wish to run on VMWare internally or via third party.

My understanding of Oracle licensing is that you must licence against all the underlying hardware unless you use Oracle's own virtualisation software. However, most hosting organisations use VMWare and any internal hosting will also use VMWare.

How can we licence Oracle products without them looking uncompetitive to competing SQL Server products when the VMWare licensing causes problems?


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This is a licensing question, it needs to be discussed on a case by case bases with oracle sales, there is no public or generic answer to this. –  Matthew Watson Nov 2 '11 at 13:48

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It's all in the architecture of you VMWARE solution. From a performance and scaleabilty point of view Oracle will probbably beat MSSQL in several areas, security etc. MSSQl also has specific challenges in VMware licensing that you should research.

Matthew is right speak to your sales rep about the most cost effective solutions for your requirement.

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