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I want following type of URL using cakephp.

http://localhost/project1/controller1/action1/[{"user_id":"1","udid":"","msg":"","nick_n":"Danis","post_t":"2011-10-21 12:15:00","source":"A"}]/50

where [{"user_id":"1","udid":"","msg":"","nick_n":"Danis","post_t":"2011-10-21 12:15:00","source":"A"}] and 50 are arguments.

I have written following line in /app/config/routes.php file.

Router::connect('/controller/action/*', array('controller' => 'controller1', 'action1' => 'actionName'));

But when I debug above URL, I am not getting the json formatted argument.

Here is my action.

function action1($arg1 = NULL, $arg2 = NULL) {
      // I am getting 50 in $arg1 and $arg2 = NULL.

Pls tell me if I have missed anything here. I am not getting the json formatted argument in $arg1.


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the problem is beeing caused by the ":" character.

In CakePhp you can set named parameters in the url so if you have an url like:


cake will generate the $this->params['named'] array in the controller. In your case, cake will identify the ":" in the url and it will try to create the named parameter too.. unfortunately url-encoding the parameter won't solve the problem

you could change the separator for the named parameters.. but i'd say that the best way to proceed is to create a custom route class only for this particular url, and the rest of the site will use the normal route class

Hope this helps

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