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Ran into a weird Flex bug (i guess) ... I am uploading using URurlLoader.load(urlRequest) ... on cancel button click, urlLoader.close() is called.. but this doesnt abort the upload the file shows up on the server.

Is this a Flex bug or am I missing something? Can anybody confirm if they have been able to abort an upload / load with the urlLoader.close() method call?

-- Sri

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The URLLoader.close method only terminates the loading of incoming data to Flash. It cannot abort any processing/loading being done on the server side.

You might want to look into using the FileReference.upload method. That can be canceled mid-upload.

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I cannot use FileReference.upload because I compress the ByteArray on the Flex client and I need to upload this compressed Byte Array. I hoped urlLoader.close() would abort the urlLoader.load() method that is uploading the file. –  Srirangan Nov 3 '11 at 6:56
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