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Iv created a basic vertical sliding menu which can be seen here on the left vertical grey bar:


When you click on a country the sub-menu items slide down and the top level + sign changes to a - but how to I change it back to + when the menu is closed again. I guess I want to add an even to slidetoggles upward motion? but not sure how. I tried using an if statement to change it but couldn't get it to work here is my closest version to working the way Id like:

 function initMenu() {
 $('#menu ul:not(.active)').hide();
 $('#menu li a.top_a').click(
 function(e) {
    $(this).siblings('.plus').replaceWith(' - ');   
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you're removing the span.plus try setting the text like this:

if($(this).siblings('.plus').text() == '+')
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Ahh I was almost there before. That works a treat thanks – user794846 Nov 2 '11 at 11:01

You could check the CSS height of every sub-element. If it's greater than 0, your .plus-element should replaced by a "+" again. slideToggle() does nothing else than changing the height of en element. You can read about it here

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Change this line:

$(this).siblings('.plus').replaceWith(' - ');


if($(this).siblings('.plus').length > 0){
    $(this).siblings('.plus').removeClass('.plus').addClass('.minus').text(' - ');
else {
    $(this).siblings('.minus').removeClass('.minus').addClass('.plus').text(' + ');

Or even have two spans:

<span class="plus"> + </span><span class="minus"> - </span>

.plus is visible and .minus is display: none;. Then when you toggle the next element just do:

$(this).siblings('.plus, .minus').toggle();
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cool that is also a good way. – user794846 Nov 2 '11 at 11:03

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