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 $("#test").html("<iframe id='i' src='arr[0]'></iframe>");  

I want to assign the value of the array to the iframe source as shown here. This doesn't work however. How is this possible? Thanks

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Does it work with other elements? I would say, you also have to reload the page inside the iframe, to see any changes. – sascha Nov 2 '11 at 11:15

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$("#test").html("<iframe id='" + i + "' src='" + arr[0] + "'></iframe>");  
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Why your code doesn't work as expected:

$("#test").html("<iframe id='i' src='arr[0]'></iframe>");

generates the html output:

<div id="test">
    <iframe id='i' src='arr[0]'></iframe>

Your variables are in fact outputted as literals, since you're not using any escaping/concatenation (see this article for JS string 101).

What you can do to make it work:

While the other answers are correct, consistently using single quotes for strings makes HTML concatenation way more fun (as attribute values should usually be in double quotes):

$("#test").html('<iframe id="' + i + '" src="' + arr[0] + '"></iframe>');

What you can do to make it work even more hassle-free for you:

It might be overkill if you need to concatenate just once. In the long run though, this approach by @Zippoxer makes your life much easier when you have to insert values into strings:

String.prototype.format = function() {
    var formatted = this;
    for(arg in arguments) {
        formatted = formatted.replace("{" + arg + "}", arguments[arg]);
    return formatted;

Usage in your case:

$("#test").html('<iframe id="{0}" src="{1}"></iframe>'.format(i, arr[0]));
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+1 I was going to go down the .replace route. That's how I usually do my in-string replacing. I thought it may be a bit much for the OP given their apparent skill-level. Most thorough answer though. Nice little prototype function, I think I'll steal it :) – El Ronnoco Nov 2 '11 at 11:30
@ElRonnoco Thanks. Be sure to check this thread too, there's neat alternatives ;) – vzwick Nov 2 '11 at 11:32
@ElRonnoco Also, make sure to check out underscore.string (usable independently from the underscore lib, too). – vzwick Nov 2 '11 at 11:50
This answer deserves a tick! – El Ronnoco Nov 4 '11 at 9:42

try this...

$("#test").html("<iframe id='" + i + "' src='" + arr[0] + "'></iframe>");

What you are doing with $("#test").html("<iframe id='i' src='arr[0]'></iframe>"); is setting the id to the literal character "i" and setting the src to the literal string "arr[0]" rather than the values of these variables.

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Downvoter - Care to elucidate your reasoning? – El Ronnoco Nov 7 '11 at 9:27

You need to use concatenation:

$("#test").html("<iframe id=\"" + i + "\" src=\"" + arr[0] + "\"></iframe>");  

Edited to match updated question

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