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How can I list the last x files I checked in to TFS?

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Added the full name of the application for future Google searches. –  Welbog Apr 28 '09 at 13:32

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tf history /user:myusername /stopafter:10 /recursive /noprompt $/

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Install Team Foudation SideKick, you will have a lot of filter to search what you want inside TFS.

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Using the TFS PS Snapin included with the TFS PowerToys1...

Get-TfsItemHistory "$/" -recurse -stop 50 -user "my-username" | % { Get-TfsChangeset $_.Changesetid} |select -expand changes | select -first 20

The -stop 50 in the first stage is to avoid every change ever being retrieved which will slow things down with a significant repository. Also note, this does not eliminate duplicates where the same file is part of multiple changesets.

1 Information here, here and download. Use the custom install to add the PSSnapin.

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In Source Code explorer, right click on the project and click View History.

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There's no "View History" for projects, I'm using VS2012 –  Zinan Xing Feb 5 '14 at 23:14

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