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I'm new to AI world so looking forward to gain knowledge in field.I'm looking for your help please suggest me good book on AI.

My requirement is

  1. Book should cover introduction to all subfield so that i will be able to choose my favourite accordingly for my future work.

  2. Since i learn more through example rather plain theory so it will be good if good number of examples and coding stuff is there.

thanx all

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possible duplicate of Best books, blogs, link, reading about AI and machine learning –  DarkDust Nov 2 '11 at 12:13
@all I have already looked that thread but not satisfied with the answers and i'm more into detail explanation like "what advantage we have with Peter Norvig's Artificial Intelligence" book. No Offence mean –  Jaini Nov 2 '11 at 12:42
This is not good way to treat newbies. –  Jaini Nov 3 '11 at 8:44

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http://www.amazon.com/Techniques-Programming-Premier-Press-Development/dp/193184108X even though its focused on Genetic Algorithms and Neural Networks it provides a very solid basis for a beginner; with examples.

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Thanks @rcarter –  Jaini Nov 3 '11 at 8:45

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