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i use kohana 3.2 and i have problem with session database, everytime i use Session::Instance() in my site i get a new database record for it. also the sessions doesn't work at all even i set a new value to it

in login page

public function action_index()
    if ( Session::instance()->get('logged'))



in auth function

public function action_authenticate()
    $username = $this->request->post('username');
    $password = $this->request->post('password');

    $user = ORM::factory('user');
    $data = $user->user_login($username, $password);

    if ( $data == $username){

         Session::instance()->set('logged', true);


        echo "incorrect username or password";

and in Home page i just redirect back to login if logged isn't set

 function action_index(){

    if (  ! Session::instance()->get('logged'))

   $this->template->header = View::factory('pages/header')->render();
   $this->template->footer = view::factory('pages/footer')->render();
   $data['sidebar'] = View::factory('pages/sidebar')->render();
   $this->template->content = View::factory('pages/home',$data);


in bootstrap.php i added Session::$default = 'database'; so it uses database by default. if i remove database mode it works just fine and if its there i get all time 3 database records since i call Session::instance 3 times ?

i am new to kohana. but not new to php.

thanks for help

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check your cookies. Does the session cookie get set? Does the session_id in the cookie is different with every request? –  giorgio Nov 3 '11 at 15:02

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set Cookie::$salt in bootstrap.php. Add this line in your bootstrap.php.

Cookie::$salt = 'YourSecretCookieSalt';
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