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I am writing some definition in parent CMakeLists.txt I want those definition got inherited in sub directory of the project. So If I have project like

  |- CMakeLists.txt
  |- A 
  |  |- CMakeLists.txt
  |- B 
     |- CMakeLists.txt

the definition I had written in root CMakeLists.txt should go to child.

How to do that ?

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Change the order of include made those changes. In past I was using

SET(ENV{OSDEP} "linux")
SET(ENV{XUL} 5000)

which I changed last two line to

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That depends on how you use A's and B's CMakeLists.txt in CMakeLists.txt.

The CMAKE-way is to do add_subdirectory (and I strongly recommend it, after having struggled quite a while) in root's CMakeLists.txt for A and B. Then A and B have all variables from root and root has all targets available from A and B.

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