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I have been tinkering around with ServiceStack to expose some web services and have been very impressed.

One potential consumer of these services will be a Flex application. Flash Builder (the Flex IDE) has a tool that auto-generates proxy AS3 classes for SOAP web services based on the wsdl - at this point in time only for SOAP 1.1.

If I recreate the HelloWorld tutorial, and try to use the SOAP 1.1 wsdl to autogenerate classes, I get the following errors in Flash Builder.

There was an error during service introspection.
  The part 'parameters' has an invalid value 'HelloResponse' defined for its element. Element declarations must refer to valid values defined in a schema.
  The part 'parameters' has an invalid value 'Hello' defined for its element. Element declarations must refer to valid values defined in a schema.

I am sure this is a problem with Flash Builder's tool. I am wondering if anyone has been successful in auto-generating AS3 classes from a ServiceStack wsdl?

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Many moons ago one of the original consumers of the ServiceStack framework was from Flash using the code-gen built-into Flash Builder, we still have a special option for tweaking the WSDLs to workaround problems with Flash Builders handling of Guids which you can access with:

  • /soap11?flash=true

Is it still the same problem if you use the /soap12?flash=true WSDL?

The approach we took on the project was to use Flash Builders code-gen to generate the types but instead only used them as DTOs which we re-used with a generic XmlServiceClient allowing us to use the faster XML endpoints instead of the SOAP ones. (I'll open source the class somewhere if I can find it).

Although the approach I would take now would be just to use dynamic models and JSON endpoints since the JSON Serializer is much faster and leaner than even the XML endpoints.

I can't test this as I don't have Flash Builder installed, but if you can save the WSDL locally and massage the output so that Flash Builder likes it, I can look at incorporating the changes under the flash=true WSDL flag.

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Thanks for the excellent answer. I don't have much for the service right now (hence the usage of HelloWorld), but once I do and finagle with the wsdl, Ill be sure to post it back here. – user163757 Nov 3 '11 at 0:26

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