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I have been asked to identify all read only text boxes in an Asp.Net page and assign a particular style. I'm pretty sure I could iterate over all of the inputs to see if they were inputs that were text boxes with the readonly attribute but I just KNOW there's a one liner.

Any thoughts?

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Is this what you're looking for?



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Technically, this should be enough to limit to readonly text inputs:

$(':text[readonly]'); // equivalent to $('*:text[readonly]')

But if it was me I like to be a little more specific and include a tag (jQuery recommends it as well):


And also according to the jQuery documentation, it is faster in modern browsers to use the type attribute selector instead of :text:


I use [readonly] instead of [readonly=readonly] to merely test for the presence of the attribute, not what its value is.

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nice, but 'text[readonly]' (and 'input:text[readonly]' or '*:text[readonly]') refuses to work. (however '[type=text][readonly]' works as expected) –  roselan Nov 2 '11 at 13:06
    readonly: function(obj) {
        return $(obj).is('[readonly]');


it is the best way I found.

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try the below

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