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We are considering implementing Prestashop with a single product but having multiple parameters which user would have to choose going through the order steps. Parameters like color, size, etc. In the end user would purchase customized product.

What would be best way to implement it in Prestashop? Maybe there is some plugin/template for that?

Maybe there is some better alternative?

We are thinking about Prestashop as payment, orders & delivery managment could be reused.

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There are a few ways to do this using Prestashop attributes. The most powerful and flexible method I know of would be to use the following module which actually bypasses the standard Prestashop combination generator to allow for more flexibility and a greater number of attribute combinations. You'd be able to customize how attribute options are displayed and in what order, and the price would change dynamically as attributes (parameters) are selected by the user. It sounds like this is exactly what you hope to accomplish.

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