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What I want to know is when people click a link on my site (internal link - not to another websites) if they just clicked it or if the ctrl-clicked it (or right click - open in new tab).

I use PHP.

So example: Person is on page1 and click on link for page2. When they are on page2 I want to know where they came from (_server['http_referer'] gives me that) but I also want to know if they opened the page in new window/tab. I need to know this because of history back button on the page.

Reason for this is to know the browsing history around the site - I create session to keep track of browsing history (so that I can go one page back, two pages back or three pages back at any given time) but I don't want the sessions to conflict between tabs so that each tab has it's own browsing history. Thats why I need to create new session for each tab opened.

What I have found as a possible solution to my problem is to use javascript similar to this:

var history_status = history.length;
var referrer_site = document.referrer;

if(history_status > 1 && referrer_site != "") {
} else {
    alert('No referrer site');

I need to change it a little bit more but this was my first demo to check if it works (and it did)

I first need to find what browser user is using because history_status gives 0 for the first page in history when you use IE but 1 if you are using Firefox or Chrome.

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You could use javascript onready and the history object to check if there is any history. If so, the user just clicked the link and you can show/hide the history elements you created with PHP. –  Wulf Nov 2 '11 at 13:01
Browsers already have "go back X pages" functionality built in (usually triggered by holding the back button down). Why are you trying to reinvent the wheel? –  Quentin Nov 2 '11 at 13:49
@Quentin you are not understanding what I am trying to do. The user is not supposed to decide how many pages he goes back. –  birgir Nov 2 '11 at 14:29

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This doesnt sound like good user experience. Back buttons and allowing people to open new tabs is something users expect to behave in a certain way. Personally i would find it frustrating. What is the point in a new tab if they cant form their own unique browsing history just for that tab?

If you really really wanted to do this. Create a cookie with a number, on every page load bump up thr number and store the page URL in your database for that session. On page load, pull in thr history and load it into your browser history via JavaScript. Eeek.

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Thanks for the answer but I guess I am not describing my problem with enough details. I also have found some way I can hack this into my system with javascript. Reason for this is because I have form that you fill out, after that form comes another form but when you save that I want to take you two sites back and thats why I save the referrer sites in the session. –  birgir Nov 2 '11 at 14:22

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