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Does anybody know how can I make resources like .gitignore be part of the resulting project ?

  1. create archetype with archetype-resources/.gitignore
  2. mvn install
  3. mvn archatype:generate
  4. resulting project doesn't contain .gitignore

PS. I'm sure it isn't there.

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Add a fileSet entry to src/main/resources/META-INF/maven/archetype-metadata.xml with an empty directory tag:


This will copy the included files from src/main/resources/archetype-resources to the project root directory.

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Check your maven-resources-plugin version by launching the Maven build on debug (with -X option). If you use 2.7, there is a regression where .gitignore files are silently ignored.

In this case, you will have to explicitly use 2.6 in your pom.xml:

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Alternative for downgrading maven-resources-plugin is to enforce plexus-utils version which actually has a regression:

        <!-- it's for fixing maven-resources-plugin 2.7 MRESOURCES-190 -->
            <!-- this is last 2.x release -->
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This solution for upcoming maven-resources-plugin v3.0.0 (not yet released at the time of posting this; current is still 2.7) from seems better than holding back version upgrades:

          <!-- Required so that .gitignore gets included in archetypes; see -->
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