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Is it possible to write multiple DOM objects to a single Xml file? To make it more clear, i have multiple sources and only one result(I want to write all the source objects into a single xml file). transformer.transform(source, result); How do i use transform object and get this done?

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Which language and platform are you trying to find the answer for? –  competent_tech Nov 2 '11 at 22:57

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The important part is to first import the child node from the first document (including it's children) into the second document, then you just choose a node in the second document to insert before or after and use the reference you got when you did the import and insert it.

In Java:

Node childRef;

childRef = secondDocument.importNode(childNodeFromFirstDocument,true);

then use the transformer to output the XML of the second document

In C# it is very similar:

 XmlNode childRef = secondDocument.ImportNode(childNodeFromFirstDocument, true);
 XmlNode root = secondDocument.FirstChild;
 root.InsertBefore(childRef, newParentNodeInSecondDocument);
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