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How can I recuse into a set of directories and list all of the files that DON't have a particular file extension.


find -name '~(.rs01|rs02)' -type f -exec rm -vf {} \;

Also remove them?

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why ask for help when you are just going to use the hack solution? – Duane Nov 2 '11 at 22:07
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Use grep -v (man grep for further information)

find . -type f find all regular files

find . -type f | grep -v ".gif$" invert match of extension "gif"

find . -type f | grep -v ".gif$" | xargs rm and delete it

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find . -not -name "*.rs01" -and -not -name "*.rs02" -type f -exec rm -vf {} \;
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>find !  -name '*.rs01' ! -name '*.rs02' -type f -exec rm -vf {} \;
  • Use ! to say not pattern
  • Use -name more than once to specify more than one pattern instead of using |
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