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I have created the following mapping in my vimrc file:

noremap <C-p> ! firefox -new-tab http://php.net/<cword><C-m>

The problem is that it proceeds to delete the line under the cursor.

How would I make this mapping work correctly?

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Maybe you should rather remap K for this and only for buffers with filetype set to php. –  Benoit Nov 2 '11 at 15:12

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If I understood what you're trying to do the following should work:

nmap <c-p> :!firefox  -new-tab http://php.net/<c-r>=expand('<cword>')<CR><CR>

See docs for further information.

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You are using noremap which means that it triggers:

  • in normal mode
  • in visual mode
  • in operator-pending mode.

You should use nnoremap or xnoremap instead. Also, note that ! is a shortcut for :.! in normal mode (acts on current line) and for :'<,'>! in visual mode (acts on current visually-selected lines). If you don't want that:

nnoremap <c-p> :!firefox ... 
xnoremap <c-p> :<c-u>!firefox ...
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