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I want to use table variables in stored procedures but here is an issue. My tables are very large and declaring a table variable need a long code to write and debug as well.

Kindly advice me some way to declare table variables quickly, is it possible to create table variable based on an existing table ?

Or please share any tip to create code for creating table variable.


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As discussed in this SO Question you can't select into a table variable.

When you say "large", if you mean a lot of columns, the best approach for you would probably be to script that table as create and save the definition and use that in your Declare statement.

If you mean large as far as the number of rows you'll have in the table variable, you may want to consider using a temporary table which you could then do a SELECT INTO statement to create it based off of the original.

SELECT * INTO #tmpTable FROM srcTable
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But what if there is a change in table structure? –  Shamim Jul 3 at 6:44
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Right click the table, choose Script As Create.

Replace create table xxx with declare @xxx table.

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thanks, can we create table variable based on existing table ? –  haansi Nov 2 '11 at 14:22
@haansi What Andomar described (and what I described) is how to do it. As I said in my answer, you can't do a select into to create it from an existing table like you could do for a temp table. Scripting it out and using it for your declare is the only real way. –  Mike Walsh Nov 2 '11 at 14:46
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