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I've noticed when using jQuery Mobile if you don't use the jQuery Mobile stylesheet - you can't move from one page to another when using a webkit browser such as Chrome or Safari - Firefox and IE are fine.

Is there any way of fixing this?

Many thanks for your help.

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For anyone else who reads this thread and runs into the same problem, I removed the line:

cssTransitions: "WebKitTransitionEvent" in window,


$.extend( $.support, { orientation: "orientation" in window, touch: "ontouchend" in document, cssTransitions: "WebKitTransitionEvent" in window, pushState: !!history.pushState, mediaquery: $'only all'), cssPseudoElement: !!propExists('content'), boxShadow: !!propExists('boxShadow') && !bb, scrollTop: ("pageXOffset" in window || "scrollTop" in document.documentElement || "scrollTop" in fakeBody[0]) && !webos, dynamicBaseTag: baseTagTest(), eventCapture: ("addEventListener" in document) // This is a weak test. We may want to beef this up later. });

to disable css transitions in webkit browsers. Hope this of use to others.

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