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I have written a small function in C# which isn't my main launguage so is coming across a little foreign to me.

public bool CheckForKey(string key)
    string strKeyTime = Decode(key);
    //valid key will be current time +- 5 minutes
    string strTheTime = DateTime.Now.ToString("HH:mm:ss tt");

    if (strKeyTime == strTheTime)
        return true;
        return false;

I need to alter this to allow for 5 minutes, so if (strKeyTime == strTheTime) needs to be if (strKeyTime == strTheTime + or - 5 minutes)

my problem is matching the times as they are strings, perhaps convert key(original time) back to a date first and then do it, but I am pretty new to c#

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return strKeyTime == strTheTime; – asawyer Nov 2 '11 at 14:28
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If you convert (or keep) them both to DateTimes you can use TimeSpan:

TimeSpan delta = dateTime1 - dateTime2;
if (Math.Abs(delta.TotalMinutes) <= 5) { ... }

Look into using the DateTime.ParseExact (or any of the Parse... methods) to parse your strKeyTime, and then do something similar to the above.

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To convert your sent string to the equivalent DateTime value, use the following code:

var keyDateTime = Convert.ToDateTime(strKeyTime);
var strTheTime = DateTime.Now

from here, you can use this value to compare with your original time value as the following:

if (keyDateTime == strTheTime || (keyDateTime > strTheTime && keyDateTime < strTheTime.AddMinutes(5))
    return true;

the previous block of code will first check if we got an exact match, or the time sent to the method is between the original time and a time shift of additional 5 minutes.

that's it, if this is not what you need, let me know so I may update my answer for you, thanks.

-- if my answer is correct, don't forget to "Mark as answer".

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"perhaps convert key(original time) back to a date first and then do it" sounds like a sound solution. I'd do it this way:

The first step is something I can't really give you any advice on without information concerning how your string is formatted. However, once this is done, the rest should be easy.

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