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I googled a lot to find any python module to access TimesTen (in memory database). I am writing a automated testing framework (more like for System Test and not Unit Test). Is anyone aware of such module? The last resort is write the wrapper myself but this is something I really want to avoid.

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Did you find a solution? If you wrote the ODBC wrapper, would you mind sharing it? – goncalopp Aug 9 '13 at 13:46

I didn't find native one, but TimesTen has ODBC interface that you could use.

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I saw this link in other forums as well. I am aware that TimesTen has ODBC access but then I will need to write the python module myself which will call the TimesTen ODBC API. I want to avoid this due to time constraints. – Sudeep Nov 2 '11 at 14:47… - I think it's better to give a link to ODBC and Python rather than just paste some answer verbatim that links to some aggregator. @Sudeep - looks like there is no avoiding the requirement to write ODBC code, there's no module on PyPi or the net. – birryree Nov 2 '11 at 14:47

There is pyodbc which is supposed to work on odbc databases. I'm not sure if it'll actually work. I think pyodbc requires odbc 3, and timesten might not support that (haven't checked), but it is worth checking out.

There is also mxODBC, which I have not tried. That might work as well.

Right, so here's an update since I tried it out: (Assuming you're on some sort of unix) It actually works with pyodbc together with unixodbc. pyodbc requires ODBC3.x and TimesTen don't support that. But, unixodbc will "translate" between the two for you. That means you can't use the timesten from pyodbc, since that is missing a bunch of functions from ODBC3.

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