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i've created binding for Visual Studio's Edit.BriefBookmarkDropx commands:

  • Edit.BriefBookmarkDrop1: Ctrl+Shift+1
  • Edit.BriefBookmarkDrop2: Ctrl+Shift+2
  • Edit.BriefBookmarkDrop3: Ctrl+Shift+3
  • Edit.BriefBookmarkDrop9: Ctrl+Shift+9

Using Tools -> Options -> Keyboard:

enter image description here

Except that when i hit Ctrl+Shift+2, nothing happens:

enter image description here

i know Microsoft likes to obfuscate Visual Studio features. What's the secret trick that i'm missing?

Note: i am installed DPack into Visual Studio Professional - an addon that provides brief bookmarks (and a number of other essential features). Do not confuse this for an answer to my question:

Bonus Reading

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I never got that to work either. But never tried to enable Brief emulation mode as described in your (broken) first link. –  Hans Passant Nov 2 '11 at 19:14
@HansPassant Oops, extra "x" in .aspxx. Fixed link. –  Ian Boyd Nov 2 '11 at 19:39

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It took four years, but i figured it out. Everything i was doing was correct. The only issue is that Visual Studio is stupid. Here's how to configure Visual Studio to drop a Brief bookmark:

enter image description here

How's that different from what i showed in the question?

  • Fails Use new shortcut in: Global
  • Works Use new shortcut in: Text Editor

By default any keys you bind in the Global space do nothing.

Which begs the question why the option is there, and the default? But usability is not something Visual Studio team prides itself on.

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