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Good day, i will try to explain my problem as best as i can. i have in one of my class, getters and setters for a string object. Now in my getString() method, i am trying to compare the string to a string-array of items in my String.xml to see if any of the elements in the string-array file matches the given string and return that matched item element in the string array.

I have something like this so far:

for setPlace():

public void setPlace(String place) {

this.place = place;

for getPlace():

        public String getPlace() {

        //am stuck here and not sure how to compare this and return the correct item


                //return context.getResources().getString();        

my Strings.xml file:

<string-array name="myPlacesArray">

<string name="myplace1">home</string>
<string name="myplace2">office</string>
<string name="myplace3">gym</string>

the reason i have to do this, is because it has different locales(languages) values and it would be a lot easier than writing a huge list of if/else or switch statements for different String elements and languages. Please any ideas is highly appreciated. Thank you

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Check this Code for getting value from String.xml and compare :

    String[] categoriesAndDescriptions =getResources().getStringArray(R.array.myPlacesArray);
    for(String cad : categoriesAndDescriptions) {
        String categoryAndDesc = cad;
        Log.v("CategoryName", categoryAndDesc);
        //Do your Stuffs here

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You should just loop over the returned array, doing a place.equals on each item in that array, and return the match when they match.

If they're sorted (they're not in this case) you could use Arrays.binarySearch. You could also use Arrays.asList and call contains(place) on the resulting list, which is essentially the same as looping manually.

You'd need to decide what to return if there's no match (if that's even possible).

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