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I'm interested about Android and have been trying to find an example or tutorial about creating a custom lockscreen.

I wanna create new lock screen for easy accessibilities.

For example

  • fast access to camera.
  • fast access to phone dial.
  • Using Speech to unlock screen.

I want to design the lock screen for blind people.

Can you point me to examples or tutorials to help me please?

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Have a look at this answer.

You need to write your own home screen app which will implement the lockscreen behaviour that you require. There is sample code for writing your own home screen app in the Android SDK(Source code).

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As far as I know, Google hasn't released an API that allows you to change the lock-screen on un-rooted devices.

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If you have the native source code, this is where Google has implemented the lock screen code


This gets built into android.policy.jar. I would say the best way to achieve what you are trying is to write a new homescreen app with required features as stated above.

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This appears to be outdated, as it was last updated for Froyo. I haven't been able to find the modern variants, except these layout files which don't appear to be referenced anywhere. –  Paul Lammertsma Mar 25 '13 at 11:02

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