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I need to record the mouse position every n seconds, but jQuery seems to only offer ways to retrieve the x and y position values when there is a mouse event. Can this be done with setInterval()?

EDIT - I'm thinking to set a setInterval() to increase a value every n seconds (say 'i'), and then on mousemove record the current i alongside the x and y values. There really should be an easier way than this though

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What you can do is bind a function to the mousemove event on the document, and inside the function set a global variable with the mouse position. then every interval you can read the mouse position.


$(document).ready(function () {
    var mousePosition = {'x': 0, 'y': 0};
    $(document).bind('mousemove', function(e) {
        mousePosition = {'x': e.pageX, 'y': e.pageY};

    setInterval(function () {
        // do something with mousePosition
    }, 1000);
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This should help.



Might as well paste the code...

<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
      $('#status').html(e.pageX +', '+ e.pageY);
<h2 id="status">
0, 0
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It's a good page, but each example relies on a mouse event (whether it's mousemove() or click()). I'm wondering if it can be done on a timer event rather than a mouse event –  Mirov Nov 2 '11 at 15:52

Here is a solution that doesnt use jQuery. Although I do prefer the jq option:


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You could make usage of the .timeStamp property which is available in the event object:

var stored = 0;

$( document ).mousemove(function( event ) {
    if( event.timeStamp - stored >= 2000 ) {
        stored = event.timeStamp;

Of course, that technique would only store data while moving the mouse. On idle time, nothing happens. If you also need idle position's you really need to go with an interval timer.

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    var myx, myy;
        myx = e.pageX;
        myy = e.pageY);
    window.setInterval(function() {
        $('#status').html('mouse position is '+myx+','+myy);
        }, 1000);
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I had to do something like that once, and I used this kind of a hacky solution:

 x = e.pageX;
 y = e.pageY;

The length of this array will be your i. You can get the individual terms using the split method.

Demo that just prints them to a div

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