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Im making a url pass in this date format at the very end of the string


I can do this


to knock off the .(digit)(digit)Z and work with the time in my controller.

if i put the time in regular format in my url, it works fine. If i put in the specified format above, i get a blank page. If i add the constraint i made (works fine with chopping the end off in the console, I get an routing (no route matches [GET] ...). What should I do to allow to pass in the date format i need (Im using rails 3 if thats important)

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The colon is a reseved character and cannot be used within a URL. See RFC 2366 section 2.2

Also, the . (dot) is used to designate a format type in rails, so when this is passed into the router it will try to render a layout for the '13Z' format.

You should encode that time in another format that does not require these characters.



Because each field is fixed width it is still easy to parse with a regex.

You could also atime which can be parsed directly in Ruby.

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