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i am following this tutorial on getting started with webGL and three.js. My problem is when adding the line map: THREE.ImageUtils.loadTexture("images/particle.png"), Chrome raises Uncaught Error: SECURITY_ERR: DOM Exception 18.

I understand this is due to cross domain referencing but i am serving this from a vm with a LAMP setup so how can it be a cross reference? I can make it work by doing python -m SimpleHTTPServer on the host and then open http://localhost:8000/Particles.html in chrome but this solution is useless if it only works with a local server.

How can make it work so the webserver can actually server the page correctly?

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I've played with three.js a bit, but I'm afraid I'm not great with JavaScript.

Still, I think you should give Max Novakovic's getImageData API. If it helps, there's a short post on the disturb media blog about it.

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It could be a way to get around the problem but with that script my app would be depend on the availability of the server rerouting the images. However i dont understand why this error appears in the first place when it is hosted on a server in the vm!? –  FnuGk Nov 3 '11 at 14:31

It should work when hosted on a web server and the images are fetched from the same domain (as you can see from the python -m SimpleHTTPServer case). I don't know what's going on with the VM server, is it doing some sort of virtual host redirects? (As in: web page requests http://foobar/image.png, server 302 redirects to http://cdn/image.png)

If you have a test case somewhere, I can take a look.

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