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Activity_A calls Activity_B (startActivity() and when _B calls finish(); both activities close. I'm adding FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK, I tried using startActivityForResult without any luck.

Activity_A is a TabActivity Activity_B is an Activity

Activity_B is being called from Activity_A like:

            public boolean onContextItemSelected(MenuItem item) {
              // code removed...
              Intent mViewIntent = new Intent(Activity_A.this, Activity_B.class);
              mViewIntent.putExtra("ID", MY_IDS.get(position));
              // code removed...

I know that when I call the same routine from within onItemClick() everything works as I expect, a new activity is started for Activity_B, if finish() is called or the user presses back, the program returns to Activity_A. It seems that from within onContextItemSelected() the flag for new_task is being ignored or something else is wrong that I'm not understanding. Please help me figure out this issue!

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As far as my understanding of your problem goes, I do not see why you should use mViewIntent.setFlags(Intent.FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK);.

See the documentation for FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK.

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Activity_B is an activity to edit the item selected on Activity_A, I tried without this code and clicking Save on Activity_B still causes _A to close. It works just fine when I call the same code from onItemClick vs. onContextItemSelected. –  Fred Nov 2 '11 at 17:05
Maybe some of your other code in the onContextItemSelected method causes ActivityA to exit. Thereby it looks like ActivityB`s finish() causes ActivityA to finish. –  Mannaz Nov 2 '11 at 18:45
EXACTLY! Somehow when merging activities into the TabActivity I missed a finish() at the bottom of a very long block of code. Originally I was starting _B and upon finish of _B I was calling another activity instead of returning. I overlooked the finish in _A for 3 hours today. That you for pointing me back to look again! I felt like I was overlooking something so simple! –  Fred Nov 2 '11 at 19:03

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