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I am trying to add a cronjob in the kloxo based user interface,

So i navigate into cron scheduled tasks -> add standard -> Select x minutes, select 'all' in all other fields (hour, day, week, month, ..), then add the path in the last field: /home/piscolab/public_html/keepyourlinks.com/includes/boot.php

But the file is never executed,

what am i missing?

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  1. find the problem: check the cron log. if you dont know where your cron log is going to check the syslog. if you cant find anything there kill the cron proccess and start a new one with the -L /yourlogpath/ parameter specified. wait till the job is supposed to run and check the log after.

  2. fix your problem or come back here to get help

  3. as i see you dont specify what program should run the *.php file. change that to whatever program you want to run the php file.

  4. if you use linux and the gui/webgui sux, fall back to shell. cron jobs are defined within /etc/spool/crond/crontab/root (or something similar to that, cant remember the exact path right now, but using TABSTOP will do the job for you). the crontab syntax can be seen here and here. Cron newbies go here as well.

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i see.. well i followed same method that i was doing in cpanel... thanks will be back ;) –  Toni Michel Caubet Nov 2 '11 at 17:34

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