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I installed Crystal Reports for VS 13.0.2000 to work with VS 2010. I will need to use CR in a WinForm app.

To my utter surprise, I have no CrystalReportViewer in my VS Toolbox pane for WinForms. The CrystalReportViewer does show up in Toolbox for web forms though.

I could obviously add the viewer to my winform without using the toolbox, but I can not seem to figure out what do I need to reference to get it. I am already referencing all the usual dll's like CrystalReports.Engine and CrystalDecisions.Shared but it does not help.

Does anybody have any idea what I am missing?

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When you find an answer, you should add it as an answer, rather than editing the question to include the answer (it makes it bit of a non question otherwise.) - I've taken the liberty of migrating your additional information that resolve the issue for you to an answer, and rolled your edit back. The way this website works, you gain reputation for accepting answers, as well as giving good answers, and asking good questions. –  Rowland Shaw Dec 30 '11 at 9:03

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You need to ensure that you're targeting the full framework, and not any subsets, such as the client profile

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