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I have a URL like:

and I want to add it as a part of a GET query string like:

Note the double "d" used. I want the URL sent to be just a url and not be read for it's query string...

What is the best way to do this to avoid problems?

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You can assign a url to a variable and have it be query-string safe by using urlencode() ( So you could do:

$url = '' . urlencode('');

In this example the query-string var 'd' now houses all the contents of the second url. You will have to urldecode() it on the receiving end in order to extrapolate the data.

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You can use the urlencode() function.


$url = ''
       . urlencode('');
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You can use urlencode() to put that in the URL without having it interfere with anything else you have in there.

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URL-encode the second url:<?php echo urlencode(''); ?>
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