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what the meaning of this formula?


Actually i didn't understand what the meaning of $ sign.

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It's an absolute reference: it means don't treat this as a relative reference if you copy / paste. If you copy that into the cell below to it, you'll get


i.e. Excel has automatically updated the row in the formula for the new location of B9->10, but left G3 alone - i.e. it's a constant you've set once that you want to apply to all rows or cells in a table.

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Highlighting the reference(s) and pressing [F4] will cycle through the relative references automatically for those references highlighted. – The_Barman Sep 3 '12 at 18:28

The $ tells Excel not to change the number / character that comes after it when you extend the selection.

If you put that formula in D5, then fill it down to E5, it will become C9/$G$3.
The G doesn't change to H because the $ tells it not to.

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