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At present i am retrieving the file names depends up on creation time of file ...

private void filteringFiles()
  string filenamepath = @"C:\defualt\Access\backupdb\";
  List<String> listfiles = Directory.GetFiles(@"C:\defualt\Access\backupdb\", "backup-*.zip").ToList();
  List<String> files = new List<String>();
  List<String> getfiles = new List<String>();
  foreach (var allfiles in listfiles)

    //DateTime creationtime = File.GetCreationTime(files);
  if (cbbackupforms.Text == "Month")
    getfiles = (from string s in files where (DateTime.Now.Day - Convert.ToInt32(File.GetCreationTime(Path.Combine(filenamepath, s)).AddDays(-30).Day) < 1) && ((DateTime.Now.Year - (File.GetCreationTime(Path.Combine(filenamepath, s))).Year) == 0) select s).ToList();


  if (cbbackupforms.Text == "ALL")
    getfiles = files.ToList();


  listbox1.DataSource = getfiles;

how can i list the file names depends upon creation time in ascending order ..

I mean if i created file at this time ...that file will be on top of list ... (ascending order depends upon file creation time)

would any one pls help on this...

Many thanks....

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files.OrderBy(f => File.GetCreationTime(f))
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Many Thanks its working now.... –  rockyashkumar Nov 2 '11 at 17:19

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