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please provide me a sed oneliner which provides this output: sdc3 sdc2 for Input : sdc3[1] sdc2[0]

I mean remove all subscript value from the string ..

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sed 's/\[[^]]*\]//g'

reads: substitute any string with literal "[" followed by zero or more characters that aren't a "]", and then the closing "]", with an empty string.

You need the [^]] bit to prevent greedy matching treating "[1] sdc2[0]" as a single match in your sample string.

As for your comment:

sed 's#\([^[ ]*\)\[[^]]*\]#/dev/\1#g'
  • I switch the seperator from the usual '/' to '#', just to avoid escaping the /dev/ bit you asked for (I won't say "for clarity")
  • the \(...\) bit matches a subgroup, here sdc2 or whatever, so we can refer to it in the replacement
  • the subgroup uses a similar character class to the one we used discarding the index: [^[ ] means any character except an "[" (again, to avoid greedily matching the index) or a space (assuming your values are space-delimited as per your post)
  • the replacement is now the literal "/dev/" followed by the first (and only) subgroup match
  • the g flag at the end tells it to perform multiple matches per line, instead of stopping at the first one
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Thanks! help..can u add /dev before the string : something like /dev/sdc3 /dev/sdc2 –  kumar Nov 2 '11 at 17:17
<<As for your comment: Thanks Again! –  kumar Nov 2 '11 at 17:36

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