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I have input data with very many observations per day. I can make the barplot I want with 1 day by using table().

If I try to load more than 1 day and call table() I run out of memory.

I'm trying to table() each day and concatenate the tables into totals I can then barplot later. But I just cannot work out how to take the already tabled data and barplot each day as a stacked column.

After looping and consolidating I end up with something like this: 2 days of observations. (the Freq column is the default from the previous table() calls)

What is the best way to do a stacked barplot when my data ends up like this?

> data.frame(CLIENT=c("Mr Fluffy","Peppa Pig","Mr Fluffy","Dr Who"), Freq=c(18414000,9000000,7000000,15000000), DAY=c("2011-11-03","2011-11-03","2011-11-04","2011-11-04"))
     CLIENT     Freq        DAY
1 Mr Fluffy 18414000 2011-11-03
2 Peppa Pig  9000000 2011-11-03
3 Mr Fluffy  7000000 2011-11-04
4    Dr Who 15000000 2011-11-04
> # What should I put here?
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I'm assuming that you are using base graphics since you mention barplot. Here is an approach using that:

wide <- reshape(dat, idvar="CLIENT", timevar="DAY", direction="wide")
barplot(as.matrix(wide[-1]), beside=FALSE)

Alternatively, using ggplot2:


ggplot(dat, aes(x=DAY, y=Freq)) +
  geom_bar(aes(fill=CLIENT), position="stack")
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Thanks Brian for your answer. There is a slight problem with the barplot output in that the NA values genereated by reshape mess up the final barplot representation. I fixed this up by putting in 0 instead. e.g. wide[is.na(wide)] <- 0 . BTW I was looking for the barplot (though thanks for the ggplot2) because I've found ggplot2 runs out of memory on some different graphs of the same data :( –  Terry Nov 3 '11 at 13:28
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Try ggplot2:


Shamelessly ripped from here:


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ggplot2 runs out of memory for my large dataset (nanosecond samples ) –  Terry Feb 2 '12 at 15:33
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