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scrapy crawler is called through a shell script, which is used as the command line in a crontab entry. The shell script looks like:

scrapy crawl targethost.com

when time is due and it did execute, but seems only the constructor is called (I verified with debug output). The problem is solved by re-write the shell script as:

scrapy crawl targethost.com &> cronlog.log

I just don't know why.

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Scrapy executes correctly, but doesn't output all its messages to STDOUT, so the simple pipe (>) doesn't redirect everything into your file, only that stuff that goes to STDOUT (which as you say, seems to be the constructor only).

With &> it fetches all messages from scrapy and puts them into your log.

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But it does call logger method in process_item but nothing is logged, which shows process_item is not called. However with &> process_item is called and crawling is successful. –  user891260 Nov 3 '11 at 4:12
command &> file is just redirecting all the output from command into file. It does not have influence on the execution of command (at least of none I know). Your problem must be somewhere else, but I to be honest would just put that &> there and let it be. –  naeg Nov 3 '11 at 8:17

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