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I'm new to grails (1.3.7) and I've been put in a strange situation with displaying an image from the filesystem. The one.png picture is put into web-app/images/fotos directory. The zz.gsp:

<img src="${resource(dir:'images/fotos', file:'one.png')}" alt="Nothing" />

related to the void action def zz = {} works fine. But if I intend to display the same picture in rawRenderImage.gsp:

     ${fdir}  <br/>   ${fname}      <!-- OK -->
   <g:if test="${fname}">
      <img src="${resource(dir:'fdir',file: 'fname')}"   alt ="Nothing"/>

the picture doesn't appear inspite of the parameters fdir and fname pass to the page. The action in the controller is:

    def rawRenderImage = {
//    def basePath = servletContext.getRealPath("/")
//      def basePath = grailsAttributes.getApplicationContext().getResource("/").getFile().toString() + "/images/fotos/"  
//      def basePath = grailsAttributes.getApplicationContext().getResource("/").getFile().toString()
//      def fname = params.photoId + ".png"
//      def fname = "/images/fotos/" + params.photoId + ".png"

basePath = "images/fotos"        // or basePath=”images” for /images/one.png

        [fdir:basePath, fname:fname]

Even direct assigns basePath=”images/fotos” and fname=”one.png” don't work, as well as any combinations with basePath to obtain the absolute path. Even the case when I put the picture in images directory doesn't work. I use netbeans, but it also doesn't work in console mode.

Help please.

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When passing in your filename and directory as variables in the model, don't quote them in your tag's src attribute. Then the Groovy ${} evaluation will evaluate to the variables and not as Strings.

<g:if test="${fname}">
    <img src="${resource(dir:fdir,file:fname)}" alt ="Something"/>
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"${resource(dir:fdir,file: fname)}" -- The same result... Nothing. – tolymark Nov 2 '11 at 20:20
That's strange. Have you looked at the generated HTML in your browser to see what url is in the src attribute of the <img/>? Also, your example controller code doesn't have a def in front of basePath or fname in the action, although the ones commented out do. – schmolli Nov 3 '11 at 14:31
You're right with quote, but with the absolute path I have problems. Firebug gives the response from the server to POST rawRenderImage: /home/toly/NetBeansProjects/foto/web-app <br/> /images/one.png <img src="/foto/home/toly/NetBeansProjects/foto/web-app/images/one.png" alt ="Nothing"/> </body> And GET one.png which is localhost:8080/foto/home/toly/NetBeansProjects/foto/web-app/… produces 404 Not Found error... But the image one.png is inside the images folder, and is shown with the relative path. – tolymark Nov 3 '11 at 17:35
Why are you trying to send the absolute path? Your tomcat server will resolve files relative to the server root and not your filesystem root. If your photos will all be in the directory images/fotos with dynamic names, just do resource(dir:'images/fotos',file:fname) and pass the filename in the model. – schmolli Nov 3 '11 at 21:16
You are right. But many posts in internet say it is impossible to use relative pathes in some real servers. And the only solution is with an absolute path obtained with the functions commented out in my post. So I want to know why my grails system does such strange thing. May be it is something with configuration or permissions. In all cases the code presented MUST work, it's correct. This is the question, just by Shakespeare's Hamlet... – tolymark Nov 3 '11 at 21:34

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