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One of my favorite Bash tips involves creating aliases for marking and returning to directories as described here:

In Bash, it looks like this:

alias m1='alias g1="cd `pwd`"'

Is it possible to create a similar function in powershell?

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You can add the following to the $profile:

$marks = @{};

$marksPath = Join-Path (split-path -parent $profile) .bookmarks

if(test-path $marksPath){
import-csv $marksPath | %{$marks[$_.key]=$_.value}

function m($number){
$marks["$number"] = (pwd).path

function g($number){
cd $marks["$number"]

function mdump{
$marks.getenumerator() | export-csv $marksPath -notype

function lma{

I didn't like the way of defining an alias for each like m1, m2 and so on. Instead you will be doing m 1 and g 1 etc.

You can also add the line

Register-EngineEvent PowerShell.Exiting –Action { mdump } | out-null

so that it will do mdump when you exit the Powershell session. Unfortunately, doesn't work if you close the console window, but when you type exit.

PS: Also have a look at CDPATH: CDPATH functionality in Powershell?

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Works perfectly! Thanks! – tltjr Nov 2 '11 at 19:55

I use this trick:

im my $profile I wrote function like this:

 function win { Set-Location c:\windows}

 $ProfileDir = $PROFILE.Substring(0 , $PROFILE.LastIndexOf("\")+1)
 function pro { Set-Location $profiledir}

and so on...

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