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Ok, so I'm finally rewriting an old .Net 1.1 system to bring it into the new decade, and I'd really appreciate some fellow programmer advice.

Let me give a quick description of the application:

  • A user is presented a piece of media, could be a video, an image, or a swf.
  • That user must fill out information about the media upon viewing it
  • The data they must supply is dynamic so the forms can't be hardcoded (currently doing this with reflection, fun!)
  • After entering data for one piece of media, they are presented with another, and so on.

So, here are my knowns:

  • I want to use NHibernate for my data access (I'm familiar with it, and I love it)
  • I will be using SQL server 2008 for my data store
  • Needs to either be a thin or web client to allow for remote access

And here are my thoughts about the UI

  • HTML5 would allow remote access and media playback, but multi-monitor support would be tricky. Does seem to be where the industry is going, but data entry can be iffy on the web.
  • WPF would be the desktop choice, although I'm not quite sure on how to make it a thin client. Is WCF RIA Services available for WPF?
  • Should I be considering Silverlight?

So, if you have any opinions, or suggestions, please have at it.

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If you decide to pick WPF, you don't need the RIA Services. The good, old WCF service will do the job, you just create a service reference and use the generated proxy class in the WPF application.

Also remember that you can deploy WPF applications easily using ClickOnce deployment. This way, the application is always checked for the new version available on the server.

Indeed, as the other answer suggest, you could also consider the asp.net web application, rendered on the server and sent to the client as html over http.

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Silverlight would give you the advantage of being a web application as well as all the flexibility of XAML and the ability to customize the experience as much as possible, however, it would be tricky to play a SWF file inside a Silverlight app.

If the user experience is very important and you want to provide very good data entry options, I would go with WPF+WCF, if you are OK with the fact that it will only run on Windows. You could have remote access as long as your WCF service is on a public server and the remote computer is running Windows too.

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From your question I dont see any compelling reason to use 3-tier architecture. I would choose a web application for the following reaosn,

  1. All goodies of web application like auto update, zero deployment
  2. No extra complexities of web services
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