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I'm calling some data from my Oracle table and I have a field which is called 'image1' which is a BLOB field.

Sometimes an image is input into the field and others it's not. I need a way to read the BLOB field to see if its a blank and then show/hide my label based on its contents.

Here's my source code

        query = OracleConn.CreateCommand()

        query.CommandText = "select * from articles"

        DataTable = New DataTable()
        OracleDataAdapter = New OracleDataAdapter(query)

        GridView1.DataSource = DataTable.DefaultView

        If DataTable.Rows(0).Item("image1") = "" Or DataTable.Rows(0).Item("image1") Is Nothing Then

            lbl1.Visible = False

        End If

This doesn't seem to do what it's suppose to do.

Any ideas how i can accomplish my goal?


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You should test to see if image1 is DBNull:

If DataTable.Rows(0).Item("image1") Is DBNull.Value Then
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Got this to work in the end - I needed to insert a Null value into the field - Thanks – Jamie Taylor Nov 3 '11 at 8:42

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