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I have a mySQL query using ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE that I am runnining from a PHP script. I would like to test whether an UPDATE or an INSERT occurred. How can I do that?

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From MySQL documentation:

"With ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE, the affected-rows value per row is 1 if the row is inserted as a new row and 2 if an existing row is updated."

You can use mysql_affected_rows() to determine the number of rows affected.

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I had to figure this out one time, so I'm referring to my notes on the matter.

The following query:


Where 'id' is the primary key on the table, allows you to call mysqli_affected_rows(), which will return:

  1. 0 - Row existed, nothing updated
  2. 1 - No row existed, inserted
  3. 2 - Row existed, something updated
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Thanks, that's useful to know... even though I'm using mysql not mysqli, so I'm not sure whether return 0 is valid with mysql_affected_rows() – Owen Nov 2 '11 at 19:38
Yes, it should be the same. – nickb Nov 2 '11 at 20:06

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