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I am creating a windows-messenger-type application with jquery to work on ipad. It is working perfectly on "all" browsers except with a random bug on my ipad. Sometimes, when I drag one of the top windows, the bottom one jumps around and is dragged around too.

It is something along these lines:

<div id="main">
<div id="main_window" class="window">
<div id="options_window" class="window">
<div id="text_message_window" class="window">

I made the window class draggable and within the main window the options and text message can be made visible. I defined these last two windows a z-index bigger than the main window, and somehow I guess this can be related to the problem. Again, it is working fine on every browser and I am using jquery.ui.touch-punch.min.js for the touch events.

Hope the problem is clear.


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Problem solved, it was the jquery.ui.touch-punch that was generating this problem. Seems that the touch events generate an array of events and were not being properly handled.

Changed the library for the one shown on this answer: Jquery-ui sortable doesn't work on touch devices based on Android or IOS

It is working perfect now!

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