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I have a list of items I want to feed to an API via an array but it is built from a separate object. I was thinking I could loop through the items in the object to construct a variable I could then feed to the array but something is disconnected. This is probably easier to see than it is to explain.

The code I am using is this:

//Set up the parser object                                                              
$parser = new XMLParser($xml);                                                                    

$skuList = '';
// Pull the inventory of the requested SKUs from Magento for comparison later           
foreach($parser->document->product as $product)
  $skuList .= "'" . $product->sku[0]->tagData . "',";
echo $skuList;
print_r( $proxy->call($sessionId, 'product_stock.list', array(array($skuList))));

If I run this at the command line I get


Now if I change the print_r line by putting the contents of the variable directly in the call like this

print_r( $proxy->call($sessionId, 'product_stock.list', array(array('1DAFPOT5','8GAIL','26BULK30', ))));

I get this output which is what I am looking for

[0] => Array
        [product_id] => 2154
        [sku] => 26BULK30
        [qty] => 19.0000
        [is_in_stock] => 1

[1] => Array
        [product_id] => 2255
        [sku] => 8GAIL
        [qty] => 16.0000
        [is_in_stock] => 1

[2] => Array
        [product_id] => 2270
        [sku] => 1DAFPOT5
        [qty] => 23.0000
        [is_in_stock] => 1


Am I constructing the variable incorrectly or do I need to feed it to the array differently?

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A similar question (but more complicated), maybe it helps: – hakre Nov 2 '11 at 18:34
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$skuList looks like an array, but is still a string. You have to do this after foreach loop:

$skuList = explode(',',$skulist);

Or, better, make skuList an array since beginnig:

$skuList = array();
foreach($parser->document->product as $product)
  $skuList[] = $product->sku[0]->tagData;
print_r( $proxy->call($sessionId, 'product_stock.list', array($skuList)));

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Setting it up as an array to begin with did the trick. Thanks! – Greg Demetrick Nov 2 '11 at 18:55

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