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I am using a propel form to allow a user to create an account, the form has two parts; the entering and then the preview.

On my preview page I declare the values of the form as usual and these are provided by the previous form

public function configure() {
    //Preview page no fields are displayed anyway xD
    $this->useFields(array('email', 'user_gender_id', 'search_gender_id', 'content', 'age', 'location'));

But instead of outputting the fields I am trying to render the values on the page:

<?php echo $form->renderHiddenFields(); ?>

    <?php foreach($form as $field): ?>

        <?php if(!$field->isHidden()): ?>
                <th><?php echo $field->renderLabel() ?></th>
                <td><?php echo $field->getValue(); ?></td>
        <?php endif; ?>

    <?php endforeach; ?>

<?php else: ?>

    <?php echo $form; ?>

<?php endif; ?>

Unfortunately for my sfWidgetFormPropelChoice / sfWidgetFormChoice fields it just outputs the chosen ID rather than a string representation of it.

Is there a proper way in Symfony to output the text representation of a widget's value? Or do I have to hack something together? (any ideas?)

Many thanks,


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$obj = $form->getObject();

to have the values of your object. Then:

echo $obj[$field->getName()];

this can work in most cases. But, if it won't, you'll have to write all the preview fields by hand and display them using the $obj above.

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I got around this problem by doing the following:

<td><?php if(method_exists($field->getWidget(), "getChoices")) {
    $choices = $field->getWidget()->getChoices();
     echo $choices[$field->getValue()];
} else
     echo $field->getValue();

I hope this is of use to someone as it has been driving me crazy!

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