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I'm trying to use the asadmin interface to monitor a thread-pool on GlassFish 3.1.1. I'm executing the following command:

asadmin get -m server.network.my-listener.thread-pool.*

and I'm getting data back, but most of it has lastsampletime = -1 (so the related data is zero; and is worthless).

Note: I've also tried the REST interface, which I believe asadmin delegates to, and the JMX interface. Same problem: much of the data has lastsampletime = -1.

I've already turned monitoring to HIGH for all modules. What am I missing?

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That's all you should need to do.

  1. Enable monitoring, set to HIGH, for the http-service module on the DAS, stand-alone instance, or cluster you want to monitor.
  2. Deploy an app to the DAS, stand-alone instance, or cluster and make http-requests.
  3. asadmin get -m *instancename*.network.*listener*.thread-pool.*

Looks like you are monitoring DAS, since you are using asadmin get -m server.network.my-listener.thread-pool.*.

I deployed a simple war to DAS and made a bunch of http requests. I see the corethreads-count and maxthreads-count have last sample time as -1. And the remaining statistics have actual last sample times.

asadmin get -m "server.network.http-listener-1.thread-pool.*"
server.network.http-listener-1.thread-pool.corethreads-count = 0
server.network.http-listener-1.thread-pool.corethreads-description = Core number of threads in the thread pool
server.network.http-listener-1.thread-pool.corethreads-lastsampletime = -1
server.network.http-listener-1.thread-pool.corethreads-name = CoreThreads
server.network.http-listener-1.thread-pool.corethreads-starttime = 1320764890444
server.network.http-listener-1.thread-pool.corethreads-unit = count
server.network.http-listener-1.thread-pool.currentthreadcount-count = 5
server.network.http-listener-1.thread-pool.currentthreadcount-description = Provides the number of request processing threads currently in the listener thread pool
server.network.http-listener-1.thread-pool.currentthreadcount-lastsampletime =  1320765351708
server.network.http-listener-1.thread-pool.currentthreadcount-name = CurrentThreadCount
server.network.http-listener-1.thread-pool.currentthreadcount-starttime = 1320764890445
server.network.http-listener-1.thread-pool.currentthreadcount-unit = count
server.network.http-listener-1.thread-pool.currentthreadsbusy-count = 0
server.network.http-listener-1.thread-pool.currentthreadsbusy-description = Provides the number of request processing threads currently in use in the listener thread pool serving requests
server.network.http-listener-1.thread-pool.currentthreadsbusy-lastsampletime = 1320765772814
server.network.http-listener-1.thread-pool.currentthreadsbusy-name = CurrentThreadsBusy 
server.network.http-listener-1.thread-pool.currentthreadsbusy-starttime = 1320764890445
server.network.http-listener-1.thread-pool.currentthreadsbusy-unit = count
server.network.http-listener-1.thread-pool.dotted-name = server.network.http-listener-1.thread-pool
server.network.http-listener-1.thread-pool.maxthreads-count = 0
server.network.http-listener-1.thread-pool.maxthreads-description = Maximum number of threads allowed in the thread pool
server.network.http-listener-1.thread-pool.maxthreads-lastsampletime = -1
server.network.http-listener-1.thread-pool.maxthreads-name = MaxThreads
server.network.http-listener-1.thread-pool.maxthreads-starttime = 1320764890443
server.network.http-listener-1.thread-pool.maxthreads-unit = count
server.network.http-listener-1.thread-pool.totalexecutedtasks-count = 31
server.network.http-listener-1.thread-pool.totalexecutedtasks-description = Provides the total number of tasks, which were executed by the thread pool
server.network.http-listener-1.thread-pool.totalexecutedtasks-lastsampletime = 1320765772814
server.network.http-listener-1.thread-pool.totalexecutedtasks-name = TotalExecutedTasksCount
server.network.http-listener-1.thread-pool.totalexecutedtasks-starttime = 1320764890444
server.network.http-listener-1.thread-pool.totalexecutedtasks-unit = count

Command get executed successfully.
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It seems like redeploying my application was necessary for the monitoring to actually get values. Perhaps I interpreted the manual incorrectly but it seems to suggest that a restart/redeploy wouldn't be required:

Oracle GlassFish Server 3.1 Administration Guide

Also, it is weird that the following shows there is no monitoring data:

asadmin get -m server.thread-pools.thread-pool.http-thread-pool.*

Instead you must go through a specific network listener like:

asadmin get -m server.network.http-listener-2.thread-pool.*

It also took me by surprise that enabling thread-pool monitoring IS NOT enough to see thread pool statistics. You must also enable http-service monitoring:

asadmin enable-monitoring
asadmin set server.monitoring-service.module-monitoring-levels.thread-pool=HIGH
asadmin set server.monitoring-service.module-monitoring-levels.http-service=HIGH
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