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I'm trying to extend the jQuery autocomplete plugin with something as simple as:

Superbox = {

//Options to be used as defaults
    position: { my : "left bottom", at: "left top" }

_init: function() {
      // stuff

_create:function() {
    this.triggered = false;


        open: function(event, ui) {

$.widget("ui.autocompleteTrigger", Superbox);

Right now I can't figure out how to override the situation where you see the autosuggest menu, you select an item and the textarea gets focus. How can I override that focus? I can't find where that binding is in the pluin? After an autosuggest item selection, I want to focus on a different element.

Thank you

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You can use the select callback function for this. Something like this should work:

select: function(){ $('input#id').blur(); }
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