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The standard method to configure a WCF Ria Service with a secure binary endpoint (SSL) is to set RequiresSecureEndpoint = true on the EnableClientAccessAttribute as shown below:

[EnableClientAccess(RequiresSecureEndpoint = true)]
public class Module1DomainService : LinqToEntitiesDomainService<AdventureWorksDataModel>

I need to know if the RequiresSecureEndpoint = true option can be set in the web.config file or if there's an equivalent method to restrict a WCF RIA Service to only a secure endpoint (SSL).

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According to MSFT it is not possible to do this from the web.config, see MSDN WCF Forum thread.

If interested in having this feature being added to WCF RIA Services, vote-up this suggestion on the WCF RIA Services Forum.

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